Registered tangible cultural property/Registered monument Sekisensou


Beyond well designed stone pavement,
austere style Sekisensou awaits you.

History of Sekisensou

History of Sekisensou


It used to be a place for retainers of Shibata Domain to practice equestrian skill and archery during the feudal government period and it has been said that the road in front of the gate is its traces. Nearby the Sekisensou is “Shimizutani palace” (currently, Shimizuen garden), which used to be a Daimyo villa of Shibata Domain and shows you a part of history of city of Shibata.

Seasonal changes in Sekisensou

Seasonal changes in Sekisensou


It is a unique Japanese garden where Shibata river flows in the center of the garden. You can find architectures of the Meiji-era such as the Main building, Detached room, etc. within its 1,500 tsubo (approx. 5,000 ㎡) site area. The Detached room as well as the Tea room are registered cultural properties, making it an outstanding garden that only those with reservations can enter.


Charter plan of registered tangible cultural property "Sekisensou"


With this plan, you can charter "Sekisensou," a registered tangible cultural property as well as "Sekisensou garden," a registered monument for one day, one group exclusively and experience Japanese culture.

Plan detail



Address 3-11-2 Suwacho, Shibata City, Niigata Prefecture 957-0055
Publication period March 15th - December 14th
Closing day December 15th to March 14th
Business hours 9:00-17:00

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